The Haven hiring costs.

Healing Room

Daily Hire (9am-5pm) £25

Evening Hire (6pm-9pm) £15

Mindful Room

Daily Hire (9am-5pm) £25

Evening Hire (6pm-9pm) £15

Yoga Studio

One Hour Regular Hire £10 per hour

One Off Hire £15 per hour

Day Rental (9am-5pm) for a Regular Hirer of The Haven £50

Day Rental (9am-5pm) for a One Off Hire £75

*Time hired must include set up and time for people to leave The Haven.

To book space at The Haven for your class, group or treatments please get in touch with Julia via either:

Email: HavenStonehaven@gmail.com or via Facebook Messenger: The Haven in Stonehaven

Everyone must provide Public liability insurance and Qualifications of work. Please be clear that you are hiring and not employed by The Haven.