Luda Coutts

What do you offer out of The Haven?
I am qualified MK Pilates teacher. I teach Mat Pilates, Barre Pilates and Pilates Equipment classes . Pilates is low impact exercise which strengthening your core improving your posture , flexibility and balance . Pilates suitable for all ages and levels of ability and fitness .

Why do you choose to work out of The Haven?
I felt in love with The Haven very long time ago when I first joined the yoga class . Soon I stepped in I felt home.. I felt loved, safe and connected with all people around me . The yoga studio has so warm , welcoming atmosphere so you never want to leave !
I am so happy to became the part of such a beautiful community .

What is your best wellbeing advice?
I believe connecting with other people is the best way for our well-being . We are all unique and enjoy different thing. Whatever your style , make sure you do express yourself - it will help you to stay connected, to discover more about you , your identity, and the person you want to be. Also practicing gratitude is great way to stay happy and positive.

Sarah Blackfellar

What do you offer out of The Haven ?
I teach yoga at The Haven. My teaching draws on several types of yoga with each class blending breath, movement, postures and stillness to create greater flexibility, strength and focus. I like to think of yoga as an opportunity to bring together mind, body and heart in the present moment which always feels like the perfect antidote to modern life

Why do you choose to work out of The Haven?
As much of my yoga teaching has taken place in church and village halls, I was really excited to join an authentic yoga and well-being space that has been carefully created for the community. I love welcoming my students into the beautiful and well-equipped yoga studio, it definitely creates the perfect setting for some much needed relaxation. I am quite new to teaching at The Haven but I am looking forward to being part of a team that is so dedicated to supporting our community.

What is your best wellbeing advice?
Become intimate with your own mental and emotional well-being. Learn to check-in with yourself and recognise when you’re stressed or have gone into fight or flight mode unnecessarily. Find an activity or strategy that helps you to deal with the busy or stressful moments. For me, it’s definitely Yoga and spending time outside in nature, that improves my mental and physical health. These activities get me out of my busy head and back into the present moment where I immediately relax and begin to feel happier. So finding out what works for you could be key for attaining optimal health and well-being!

Magi & Gigi

What do you offer out of The Haven?
We offer accessible musical mayhem (in a gently structured way). With its roots in West African Malinke tradition, we teach percussion to small groups, developing drumming skills and confidence, progressing to performance level where appropriate. The aim of our work is to share the complex rhythms of this region that have been taught to us, respecting the roots and traditions of the music. We have fun while we do it!

Why do you choose to work out of The Haven?
The Haven is an inclusive space, respecting all of the needs of the group and the importance of the origin of the musical traditions we enjoy and teach. The space is welcoming, clean and calm but it allows us to stir up high energy levels within that space.

What is your best wellbeing advice?
Explore new ideas. If it’s easier for you seek inclusive groups and other people to help you dip your toe into new experiences. Accept that not everything you try will be a good fit for you, not every person you meet will be somebody you wish to share that experience with, but every experience will enrich your life, and your presence will enhance the experience for others.

Anne Mclean

What do you do in the Haven?
I am a massage therapist at The Haven. My practice involves a fusion of eastern and western approaches to body work and I mix that up by adding a clinical edge to my treatments. Massage therapy is beneficial on so many levels.

Why do you work out of the Haven?
I work out of The Haven because its ethos mirrors a lot of what I believe in as a massage therapist. It’s the acknowledgment that our body, mind and spirit are all connected and good well-being comes with meeting the needs of all three. There is also a strong community ethos at The Haven. It is a resource that exists for anyone who needs it, plus it offers a whole range of classes and therapies that people can dip in and out of. I also believe that it takes a village, so it’s important for me to be able to refer on to some of the wonderful people who work there.

What is your best well-being advice?
I believe that a persons wellbeing can be boosted in a variety of ways and that it can improved by meeting some of our most basic of needs. I guess its about figuring out what works for you, identifying what you enjoy doing and finding a way to fit that into your life. Even if you only manage that in the smallest of ways.It is also about pushing down some of the barriers that we often face & connecting with others if we are struggling to do that. Each and everyone one of us is worth looking after.

Ola Mason

What do you offer out of The Haven?
I offer Healing Yoga classes for individuals who want to restore their inner balance and find themselves again. Healing yoga is a holistic blend of different yoga styles, meditation and breathwork designed to open energy blockages and let the energy flow. By attending the class you will have a chance to ease tension and pain, calm and relax and connect within. During each class I will guide you through the following steps: opening the body and mind, releasing and cleansing and welcoming and gathering new energy. Come to the class with your own intention and let’s make some magic together!

Why do you choose to work out of The Haven?
Haven with it’s central location and variety of offers, gives easy access to everyone who seeks recovery and needs guidance on their own path to wellbeing. I like the idea of gathering all teachers and healers in one place as this creates a bigger energy field and positively affects the community in its invisible, yet powerful way.

What is your best wellbeing advice?
The source of your wellbeing is inside you and your healing process can only start if you make your mind about it. Everything else – therapists, sessions, healing products etc are just your co-operative components which are sent to you, so you can use them once you decide that you truly desire health, happiness and peace. The secret lies in your own brain and your own mind. If you don’t know what you desire, do this simple trick – write down what you don’t want and next to it write its opposite version. If you don’t want anxiety, it means you want confidence. If you don’t want pain, it means you want ease. If you don’t want to suffer, it means you want freedom etc. ALWAYS FOCUS ON WHAT YOU WANT and that is how you create own wellbeing.

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