The Haven Board.

Julia Morton: Keeper of the Haven

What do you do in the Haven?
Essentially everything in The Haven is my responsibility. The only thing I am not involved in is stocking shelves at the Haven Community Larder because the Haven Helpers say it isn't my strength. They are right.

Why do you work out of the Haven?
I work out of The Haven because I thrive working with like-minded people that have a similar work ethic and who have a shared vision for the sort of community we wish to be part of. Having a grassroots, dynamic, community space that not only empowers people but also the community, is a rare gift that needs to be protected, valued and nurtured.

What is your best well-being advice?
Defend your self-care time fiercely. Sacrificing your wellbeing is a misunderstood short term solution that has devastating long term effects. Develop boundaries around who and what you invest your time, energy and talents in. It will serve you, and everyone around you, well.

What do you contribute to the board?
I am the Chair of the Board. I have worked for the NHS for over 10 years - currently working as a Public Health Coordinator within Aberdeen Health & Social Care Partnership. My career has focused on improving health and wellbeing and reducing health inequalities by delivering a number of Scottish Government programmes locally as well as working alongside citizens to support community-led initiatives. I am passionate about taking a preventative approach to improve health and wellbeing as well as involving local people in helping to design the solution.

My role as Chair is to facilitate our Board meetings and ensure all voices are equally heard.

Why do you believe in The Haven?
I believe in the Haven as they are an organisation which adapts and evolves to meet the needs of the local community. Their approach to the community larder was my reason for firstly getting involved. The model which is not about solely handing out food parcels but about building a sustainable food community addressing poverty, challenging stigma and reducing food waste. The Haven focuses on the whole person and community spirit is at the heart of everything they do. As someone who has grown up in Stonehaven, this is important to me.

What is your favourite Haven value and why? 
My favourite Haven value is Courage. The pandemic has highlighted injustice and inequalities that exist across our communities - these have always been there but the pandemic has made them more visible. We could all learn a lot from the Havens approach of being courageous to rock the boat and influence change.

Anne Gale: Chair

Kathleen Edwards: Treasurer

What do you contribute to the board?
With over 30 years experience in operational finance roll, I bring my passion for understanding the data behind the bottom line. Being a lover of spreadsheets and data, this will assist me to help the board secure the future of The Haven.

Why do you believe in The Haven?
The Haven has no hidden agenda just an  honest desire to give back to our community.  

What is your favourite Haven value and why? 
Community is my favourite Haven value.  Community is more than where you live, it’s about a sense of belonging and inclusion, without limits, this for me is what makes the Haven shine.

What do you contribute to the board?
Although this is my first board member role, I have served on several committees as Secretary/Treasurer and am well versed in organising meetings, minutes and reports - graphic presentation is a particular passion!  

As a Volunteer Shift Leader, I’m also able to contribute valuable insights to the everyday operation of the larder to fellow board members.

Why do you believe in The Haven?
I’ve been involved with The Haven for a number of years - starting with decorating the yoga studio and attending weekly classes - I’ve loved participating in all aspects of our friendly community.

Volunteering in the larder was the next logical step as food equality and tackling food waste are very important issues to me. I believe the dignity and choice offered by our approach to be paramount in our community wellbeing.

What is your favourite Haven value and why? 
At first, I thought that either ‘Compassion’ or ‘Community’ would be my best-loved values. I quickly realised however, that ‘Courageous’ was my favoured value: it’s the dynamic nature of The Haven that has allowed us to step boldly out of our original remit and through the creation of The Larder, make huge strides in improving the wider community wellbeing.

Rachel Frame: Secretary