About us.

What started as a children’s yoga class in Stonehaven has grown to a community wellbeing space with a fully equipped yoga studio, healing room and mindful room with 25 people working from The Haven offering 45 wellbeing activities weekly.

However the recent pandemic has seen us transform the yoga studio into a community larder to help those most vulnerable in the area.

The service gives members of the public access to food and toiletries with no questions asked.

Julia Morton: Keeper of the Haven

What do you do in the Haven?
Essentially everything in The Haven is my responsibility. The only thing I am not involved in is stocking shelves at the Haven Community Larder because the Haven Helpers say it isn't my strength. They are right.

Why do you work out of the Haven?
I work out of The Haven because I thrive working with like-minded people that have a similar work ethic and who have a shared vision for the sort of community we wish to be part of. Having a grassroots, dynamic, community space that not only empowers people but also the community, is a rare gift that needs to be protected, valued and nurtured.

What is your best well-being advice?
Defend your self-care time fiercely. Sacrificing your wellbeing is a misunderstood short term solution that has devastating long term effects. Develop boundaries around who and what you invest your time, energy and talents in. It will serve you, and everyone around you, well.

Kate Latham : Heid Haven Helper

What do you do in the Haven?
My main role is in supporting our amazing volunteers, making sure the shifts run smoothly and everyone has what they need to do a great job. I'm interested in all aspects of the Community Larder so I'm getting stuck in with attending community meetings and making connections. I'm always happy to jump in and wipe down donations when we get busy but I leave the artful arranging of the shelves to the volunteers!

Why do you work out of the Haven?
I work out of The Haven because I think belonging to a community is the most valuable thing and we should nurture and cherish it. Dignity and choice around food really matters to wellbeing and should be available to everyone. In uncertain times its more important than ever that we look after each other and are kind and being part of The Haven allows me to do that.

What is your best well-being advice?
Get outside, preferably with a Labrador. Try to have time away from social media and screens. Dance like crazy to your favourite tune.

Macaroni Morton: Chief Wag

What do you do at the Haven?
I try to say hello and get as many cuddles from as many people as possible.

Why do you work at the Haven?
When I grow up I want to be a Therapet. I get lots of experience practising with calming doon the Director of The Haven. If you meet me and I jump up on you please turn your back on me and wait till I sit nicely for your attention. If you bend down to pat me I don't need to jump up.

Best wellbeing advice?
Take an opportunity for a walk whenever possible. And don't eat cat poo. Even if your best friend is a cat. The humans don't like it when you do that.